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How to scale paid media without saturation?

I work on a B2B SaaS and we need to generate growth on a monthly basis. The focus is increase spend on paid media (+20% MoM on average). But my team is struggling to do this increase and generate the amount of leads needed. Any tips on that?

Tapping into Executives + Technical Experts

For those of us marketing to technical, specialized, or niche audiences... Are there any handy tactics for leveraging really smart SMEs that don't quite grasp content creation and have little interest in self-promotion? Let's assume the company could greatly benefit from elevating the SME's personal brand.

Marketing Attribution

DG what's the best way to track everything which you or your team is doing online and offline? UTMs just don't cut it. PLEASE ELABORATE YOUR APPROACH! We all need to solve this one.

Team structure?

DG - how do you suggest structuring a marketing team of 10?

How to reach first customers as an early-stage startup?

Early-stage B2B startup here. As we are still in prototype development / pilot phase, we don't have the resources to create an elaborate inbound/lead nurturing strategy, yet. Are there any quick wins you can suggest outside one's personal network to get some first leads?