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Starting Marketing

If a person wants to get into marketing, what are the options and possible paths for him? Branding, traditional Marketing, Social media marketing, content marketing, advertisements etc..... What path options do they have and which one should one take. I know it might be a question that covers wide possibilities, but it also is something that any student can grow with! I request for focusing on students, as: 1) I am one, and 2) Most students, specially those with zero work experience lack knowledge, and they don't even know it that they lack it. 3) here in India, companies go to college campuses and organize college-only placement drives with interviews and entire procedure. So most students are at mercy of them, and then at last 60-80% are left with jobs they hate. TL; DR Students don't know what to do. and they are at mercy of others. How can they build themselves to compete with DG(Long shot) in next 5-10-20 years??