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Just joined -- how do we get the most we can out of DGMG?

Hey Dave, Everyone has spoken so highly about your marketing group, and I am thrilled that I have joined! You've watched this group grow and personally witness marketing specialists blossom over time. My question is for someone who is still navigating the ropes of DGMG, how can I get the most out of this group? This may not be the best question for your podcast -- but I really appreciate your time and am looking forward to the future with this talented group of people! - Cody

Tapping into Executives + Technical Experts

For those of us marketing to technical, specialized, or niche audiences... Are there any handy tactics for leveraging really smart SMEs that don't quite grasp content creation and have little interest in self-promotion? Let's assume the company could greatly benefit from elevating the SME's personal brand.

B2B personas

I get clients to build out very derailed personas (avatars) but I know that in ABM you have a set of influencers and others that have to sign off that you need to be mindful of and even create content for.... do you have suggestions or methods that are useful and make this process a little easier

5 best books for building amazing branding

Dave, which five books are an absolute must-read to learn how to build amazing brands and brand marketing?

Cold outreach on LinkedIn- Invitation Requests

When you're performing cold outreach on LinkedIn and sending invitation requests to capture leads, what are some best practices to follow?